Bucket handle making machine :.

We are specialist in making of bucket handle machines and other wire forming machines. We provide machines for any size or any shape of handle according to customers requirements. Company also do production of wire forming products on customers requirement. Our company also provide 24/7 service for the machines.

Model: R-BHM-101
Type of Handle: (Any Type - East West,Regular,Rivet End,Plastic Grip)
Suitable to make handle of bucket capacity: 5 - 10 litres(Any Size Approx)
Production Capacity (handles / minute): 30-40
Motor: 3 HP-5HP
Net Weight (kg): 1500/1800(Aprox)
Dimensions (m): 3.2 x 1.25 x 1.8
Shipping Volume (m3): 7.5

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